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Ventilation: Lindab

Energy Efficient Solutions for Improved Indoor Comfort

Simply opening a window or two may seem the simplest and cheapest way to ventilate. That may be acceptable in the summer months, but when the heating is on, it wastes energy.

We base the correct specification of ventilation systems on detailed information about a property’s structure, room types and sizes, existing or planned airborne or underfloor heating and cooling systems and the occupants’ lifestyle requirements. From simple intermittent extract fans to highly efficient whole house mechanical ventilation with heat recovery (MVHR), we can provide ventilation products to suit all types of residential or commercial property and ensure energy efficient performance in accordance with The Domestic Building Services Compliance Guide.

Established over 60 years ago, the international Lindab Group aims to Simplify Construction and is our selected ventilation partner. The company is a £600m world leader in system solutions to control the indoor climate and in products for the construction industry. Lindab has developed an outstanding range of ventilation solutions characterised by their high quality of construction, ease of installation, energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

Dependent upon the requirements of the property, we incorporate any element of the Lindab range within our Indoor Air Comfort solutions. These include air handling units, ducting, fans, attenuators, diffusers, grilles, plenums, VAV devices, MEV, MVHR units and whole house systems.

In Domo integrated radial duct systems are designed to simplify MVHR and MEV installations. Building Regulation compliant and meeting SAP Appendix Q guidelines for simplified energy efficiency calculations, the range includes manifolds, plenums, semi-rigid ducting and accessories. All are designed to provide air tightness, stop energy losses, enhance indoor climate and cut running costs.

Poorly installed or designed duct work can have a dramatic impact on the performance of a ventilation system resulting in inadequate airflow that can significantly affect air quality. Radial ducting is the answer to modern ventilation needs and Lindab offers semi-rigid products which are available with anti-static additives for internal surfaces, offer anti-bacterial properties and are guaranteed for the lifetime of the system.

Vent Axia’s world renowned range of residential and non-residential ventilation systems are also available through Lindab as their recognised distributor.

We have vast experience in ventilation system design. Working closely with Lindab and our customers, we provide energy calculations and carefully manage installations. This achieves a harmonised indoor climate where ventilation balances the heating and cooling.