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Air Conditioning: Daikin

AC with the Highest Efficiency Levels

A world leader in indoor air technology, Daikin provides some of the most comfortable, energy efficient and reliable air conditioning solutions available in the UK today. These cooling solutions are classified with the highest energy efficiency labels and, with an emphasis on renewables and energy saving inverter technology, any home will benefit from technology that provides outstanding comfort levels and reduces the carbon footprint.

Stylish, award winning designs are hallmarks of the Daikin wall mounted air conditioner range which includes the Emura, Ururu Sarara models featuring Bluevolution technology for low environmental impact. Available in a range of colours to suit any contemporary or heritage interior, their space saving design and performance optimised for energy efficiency are market leading solutions favoured by Air Craft.

Daikin Emura offers intelligent heating and cooling the air in one versatile unit. Powered by 80% renewable energy from the air and 20% from electricity when heating, it offers a number of intelligent features. The two-area intelligent eye sensor controls comfort in two ways. If the room is empty for 20 minutes, it changes the set point to start saving energy. As soon as someone enters the room, it immediately returns to the original setting. The intelligent eye also directs air flow away from people in the room to avoid cold draughts.

To ensure a harmonised temperature throughout the room, the 3D airflow system combines vertical and horizontal auto-swing louvres creating an even distribution of air throughout the room, even into the corners of large spaces.

Draught-free operation improves comfort. When cooling, the louvre positions itself horizontally to prevent cold airflow from being blown directly on to the body. When heating, the louvre turns vertically downwards to drive warm air to the bottom of the room. A sophisticated titanium apatite photo-catalytic air purification filter traps even microscopic airborne dust particles, breaking down odours and absorbing organic contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.

Daikin Ururu Sarara is an A+++ split air conditioner providing total control over the indoor climate including temperature, ventilation, humidity and purification. Designed to heat any room quickly and efficiently, a smart de humidification system also removes excess moisture automatically whilst maintaining the desired temperature.

Designed to bring fresh and cooled air into a room, Ururu Sarara can fill a 26 square metre room with fresh air in less than two minutes thanks to its powerful ventilation capacity. Flash Streamer technology purifies the air by filtering out dust, pollen, odours, bacteria, viruses and mould before releasing air into a room.

The versatility of Daikin split and multi-split systems ensures that our customers have a choice of technologies to suit any size of property.