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Creating A Healthy Indoor Environment With Ventilation

Today’s well insulated indoor climates may be good for our energy bills but not so good for our health. The problem stems from a lack of air renewal – the days of natural ventilation being readily available through small leakages or gaps in the fabric of our houses have all but disappeared. Windows and doors are tight, walls and ceilings are sealed by vapour barriers and any sign of moisture on the inside of double glazing can be a symptom of an unsatisfactory indoor climate.

For health reasons, it’s important to maintain a proper humidity level in the home. Too little humidity can cause some personal discomfort issues whilst too much moisture can make a home a breeding ground for mould and mildew.

Some homes may also have moisture problems only at certain times of the year, such as in spring when there is a lot of ground water runoff, while other properties need help to control moisture levels all year round. In some instances moisture is a problem only in one room or area, but this should not be neglected.

What is Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery (MVHR)?

Provide continuous 24-hour whole house extract ventilation and heat recovery

  • Stale, moist air is extracted from wet rooms
  • A heat exchanger within the unit transfers up to 90% of the heat into fresh air
  • The fresh air is then supplied into habitable rooms
  • Summer bypass allows the fresh air to be supplied without heat recovery

What is Solar Positive Input Ventilation?

Solar Positive Input Ventilation (PIV) delivers warmed fresh air into the home. Unlike MVHR systems it does not require an internal MVHR Unit. The solar panel on the roof warms the air and this is distributed around the home’s duct work with duct fans. Heat recovery is also possible and provides a central extract system too.

  • Air enters the panel through the small holes at the back, which are designed to prevent insects and moisture entering.
  • The air then passes through filters, which cleans the air to 4 microns removing pollen and reducing airborne pollution.
  • The unit operates continuously as does a standard MVHR unit.

Duct Systems and Ceiling Terminals

With best in class ventilation solutions from leading manufacturers such as Lindab (duct systems and ceiling terminals), SolarVenti (PIV roof panels) and Vent-Axia (MVHR units) we can get the fresh air in your home without impacting on your energy bills.