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Intelligent Hot Water

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Mixergy Intelligent Hot Water Tanks

Mixergy Intelligent hot water tanks (90-300 litre capacity) provide a smart, cost-effective and energy efficient means of  providing hot water for the home. They overcome the drawbacks of conventional tanks which heat all or nothing, irrespective of how much hot water is actually needed. This means longer heating times and wasted energy.

mixergy Connected graphicContrast this to the Mixergy smart approach. Clever machine artificial intelligence identifies what volume of hot water you need and heats it when you need it. With volumetric heating, as you only heat the water you need,  hot water is available up to five times faster with rapid reheat times some 2-5 times faster.

Mixergy’s unique top up technology allows you to select exactly how much is required and what’s more you always know how much hot water is available down to the last 1%. Automatic schedule control allows you to optimise your water use with as little energy consumption as possible. Up to 40% can be saved on hot water bills by exploiting off-peak tarrifs such as Octopus Agile or Economy 7/10.

With internet connection, the Mixergy tank can be remotely controlled through its dedicated App. This allows you to monitor your hot water usage, set required hot water levels for automatic reheating, calculate costs and perform remote diagnostics.

Mixergy can offer savings of up to 30% in gas consumption in some cylinder-boiler set ups, verified by the Energy Saving Trust. Tanks can switch between energy sources including solar thermal and solar PV featuring fully embedded solar PV diverter capability with maximum surplus export use.

An extremely efficient low temperature plate heat exchanger also allows easy integration with air source heat pumps and exceptional compatibility, especially with Daikin Altherma technology.

Mixergy hot water tanks are unique in their ability to offer a Demand Side Response (DSR) service to the National Grid, heating up when too much renewable energy is generated, and electricity demand is low, to free up more space for renewable generation.

Air Craft is an Approved Mixergy Partner dedicated to delivering homeowners with the optimum intelligent hot water tank installation. We are proud to be associated with Mixergy, a company with high credentials and a spin-out from the University of Oxford’s Energy and Power Group (EPG) that has left hot water tank convention behind and brought in a new approach in its mission to decarbonise the home and wider energy networks.