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Air Quality with Healthy Air Products


PLASMA AIR PURE WHOLE HOME AIR PURIFICATION SYSTEMS use bipolar ionisation technology to purify proactively indoor air at the source of contamination with units designed for installation directly within air conditioning and ventilation systems for residential and commercial buildings.

Plasma Air's bipolar ionisation technology

This proven technology has resulted in installations throughout the world and the company’s products are used in worldwide projects, bringing mountain air quality and demonstrating high performance and greater effectiveness compared to traditional and HEPA filters, photocatalytic oxidation solutions and ultra-violet lighting.
With the challenges being set by new viruses alongside general indoor airborne pollutants, Plasma Pure sets the highest standards of performance in the size of particles that they can remove, by producing millions of positively and negatively charged ions that travel through the ductwork and into occupied spaces where they neutralise contaminants less than 2.5 µ in size. The Handbook of Covid-19, Prevention and Treatment states that plasma air sterilisers can be used and continuously used for air disinfection in areas where there is human activity.

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UHOO INDOOR AIR QUALITY MONITORS take air monitoring to a new level. Lite and Pro versions provide highly effective solutions for all sizes of homes and commercial premises or public buildings. It is widely understood that indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than the air outdoors and therefore controlling what we breathe is vital. By monitoring it across nine different perameters, uHoo allow us to take all the specific actions required to ensure our personal health and safety.

The sophistication of the engineering behind uHoo products is demonstrated through the inclusion of nine air quality sensors packed into a device powered by a high-performance processor but  is only the size of a coffee mug.

The nine air quality parameters monitored use safety thresholds indicated by the EPA and the World Health Organisation (WHO).Temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone, nitrogen dioxide, particulate and VOCs can all be measured. uHoo  continually tracks and monitors the air, advising in real time the exact air quality parameters that are unhealthy, giving users the empowerment to take control of their indoor air, their health and respiration.

Control of temperature can contribute to more restful sleeping. Humidity control will minimise moisture and prevent mould from forming. Correct air pressure will help to alleviate arthritic pains, headaches and general malaise. Keeping carbon dioxide, monoxide, nitrogen oxide and particulate levels under control will help to overcome breathing difficulties for allergy sufferers and lower the risk of  more serious health issues.

The accompanying uHoo app (Android/iOS) includes a Virus Index that uses the air quality data to determine exactly how suitable any indoor environment is for viruses to survive and how the air quality may affect health.

The uHoo unit is designed to blend seamlessly into any space. It has a simple and easy to use interface that displays all the information needed and alerts the user to any sudden changes in the quality of the air as well as offering tips on how to fix a problem, deactivate any viruses and retake control of indoor air quality.

VELUX ACTIVE WITH NEATMO is the easy way to a healthier indoor climate. Smart  sensors continuously monitor the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels in your home, opening or closing VELUX INTEGRA® electric and solar roof windows, blinds and shutters to create a healthier indoor climate You can use the VELUX ACTIVE app to be in control from anywhere using your smartphone.

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