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Our Products

Comfort and Control

To achieve the best possible indoor energy efficient environment with minimal fuss, we offer an unrivalled combination of products, knowledge and support. These give optimum comfort providing the desired room temperature and levels of humidity, allowing our customers to complete their HVAC projects as smoothly as possible.

Control of the indoor environment is achieved by through the implementation of strategies using carefully selected products and fully integrated controls from market leading manufacturers:

  • Air Quality Monitoring and Control solutions from Awair, Netatmo and Velux.
  • BetterAir Probiotic Air and Surface Purification Systems.
  • CircoFlo Underfloor Heating.
  • Daikin Air Source Heat Pumps and Air Conditioning Products.
  • Invisible.AC Small Duct High Velocity Air Heating and Comfort Cooling.
  • Lindab InDomo Radial Duct Ventilation Systems and Heat Recovery Units (MVHR).
  • Plasma Air Bi-Polar Ionisation Air Purification System.
  • Smart Home Systems integration with Control 4, Heatmiser, Loxone and others.
  • SolarVenti Ventilation Systems (PIV with Heat Recovery Option).