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Optimum Indoor Air Comfort and Control

Being in control of your own well-being means not just leading an active and healthy lifestyle, but also optimising the quality of your indoor environment. The four key elements that contribute to Indoor Air Comfort – temperature, humidity, air quality and control systems – need to be assessed, monitored, correctly set and managed. As a result, your well-being, whether in the home or the office, can be dramatically changed or improved.

We are dedicated to providing the solutions that ensure everyone can enjoy the health and associated benefits of optimum indoor air comfort. Our offering goes beyond just heating, cooling and ventilating a space, we also provide air filtration and purification. Not only do we do that but can link your systems to your smart home controls and ensure that the air inside your home is managed intelligently.

We also understand that you not only wish to enjoy a comfortable and healthy home but also an energy efficient one. We ensure that at all times your heating, cooling and ventilation has the lowest impact on the environment possible. With the added benefit of lower energy bills.

In order to make homes and offices more energy efficient and to stop heat escaping, buildings today are more air tight than ever. Improved construction methods and initiatives that have encouraged much more effective insulation have resulted in new homes being built with levels of energy efficiency never seen before. Older properties are being refurbished to exacting standards, eliminating draughts and using energy much more effectively.

Smart home technology and building automation systems are increasingly common place, whilst the adoption of renewable energy technologies is helping to address serious environmental issues.

But while these improvements have been beneficial in terms of improved energy efficiency and cutting CO2 emissions, they have given rise to other questions about our indoor environment. Air tightness leading to lack of air movement and complemented by minimal ventilation are simply not good for our health