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Meeting The Challenge of New Viruses

Published On: 1st Jun 2020

It has arguably never been more important than now to ensure that the indoor air we breathe is as pure as possible and provides the highest protection for both families at home and colleagues in the workplace. On paper there are many ways of achieving the levels of indoor air cleanliness that we would normally aspire to or are committed to in order to comply with legislation. Traditional mechanical and more effective HEPA filters, photocatalytic oxidation solutions, ultra violet lighting, properly designed ventilation systems or some form of electrostatic air cleaning, for example, have been widely used to get rid of fumes, odours and other indoor airborne pollutants in the domestic, leisure and office environments.

But with the challenges being set by the presence of new viruses and other sub-micron airborne contaminants, much more effective solutions now need to be considered. Plasma Air’s Pure Whole Home Air Purification Systems use bipolar ionisation technology and in terms of performance and effectiveness compare highly favourably with other types of treatment. They win through their overall effectiveness including the size of dangerous particles that can be removed from the air, choice of delivery methods, running costs and low maintenance requirements.

Plasma Air’s bipolar ionisation technology offers a broader, more extensive and versatile solution than any other product on the market. Installed inside an air handler, for example, the Plasma Pure HVAC system produces millions of positively and negatively charged oxygen ions that travel through the ductwork and into occupied spaces including living rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms and the kitchen where they neutralise contaminants less than 2.5 µm in size (by comparison, a traditional filter’s minimum capture size is about 5.0 µm.)

For getting rid of the smallest viruses and bacteria, VOCs, odours, pollen, fumes mould spores and pet dander, Plasma Air’s solutions are the most effective. They are based on proven technology and have been used for over 10 years in residential and commercial buildings throughout the world. In its section on air disinfection, The Handbook of Covid-19, Prevention and Treatment states that plasma air sterilisers can be used and continuously run for air disinfection in an environment with human activity.

Air Craft specialises in Indoor Air Quality and Comfort. The company partners closely with Plasma Air in order to integrate bipolar ionisation technology successfully with other HVAC products for maximum effect and protection.