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Circoflo Features At NSBRC

Published On: 22nd Oct 2019

Air Craft has unveiled its permanent exhibition space (Stand 73) within the National Self Build & Renovation Centre (NSBRC), in Swindon, Wiltshire. The first public viewing of the stand took place 18 – 20 October at the centre’s open weekend. It was a highly successful event with many visitors attracted to the Air Craft stand where the theme of Taking Indoor Comfort To A Higher Level was a unique message amongst the exhibitors.

“ Self-builders and home renovators often overlook the subject and importance of Indoor Air Comfort. Their focus often tends to be more on the building fabric, construction techniques, levels of finish and energy efficiency. What we are setting out to demonstrate is that the indoor environment is just as important and should be considered properly alongside the specification of any heating, ventilation or air comfort products for the home,” says Air Craft’s Managing Director, Darren Johnson. “ How many of us realise that our indoor air at home can be as much as five times more polluted than the air outside?”

With that in mind, the Air Craft exhibition stand features exhibits that highlight the four elements that contribute to Indoor Air Comfort – temperature, humidity, air quality and control systems. The company’s partnerships with world leading manufacturers in all these categories are explained, including Circoflo Pro in the field of heating and renewables.

“ With its proven track record in residential underfloor heating for new and renovation applications, we are very pleased to be associated with Circoflo, “ says Darren. “ Our customers will find the Circoflo approach to underfloor heating systems very attractive. Choosing this type of technology has traditionally been a bit of a minefield. However, through simpler specification, the ability to create system designs more easily, allowing faster installation and ensuring more predictable heat outputs, Circoflo is a very good and proven proposition,” says Darren.

There is a striking display of the Circoflo system on the Air Craft stand, complete with an installation cutaway, a heating manifold and informative visual graphics. Information is also provided on how the system is fully compatible with air source heat pump technology as well as traditional sources of energy.

Starting with Circoflo, stand visitors can trace the full  Air Craft message on Taking Indoor Air Comfort to a higher level. Once the heating has been specified, advice and recommendations are provided on ventilation strategies, air monitoring & purification, comfort cooling, control systems & smart thermostats as well as smart home integration.

Air Craft has partnerships and expertise in all these disciplines. “ We have an offer that no other exhibitor can make. We are not only a one stop shop supplier of Indoor Air Comfort technology, but take our customers through all the stages of system design, management, installation, commissioning and after sales service. We remove the burden from the homeowner or self- builder of having to approach lots of different companies. Our partnership with Circoflo plays a vital role in that service,” concludes Darren.

Darren aims to be a regular speaker at the NSBRC, highlighting Indoor Air Quality issues and the importance of the correct specification of associated HVAC products. His first presentation at the open weekend on October 20 was very well supported, resulting in many attendees subsequently dropping in on the Air Craft exhibition stand to check out Circoflo and other Air Craft partners.